Got Questions?

  • What is STEM learning?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This kind of thinking and education is encouraged in early childhood and beyond as it has become such a focus of our world! Encouraging STEM thinking in the early years helps children embrace their natural tendencies to explore and discover. Playing is learning! ✨


  • How can my child play with Kontu?
Play can be open-ended to inspire a child's creativity or paired with our carefully designed activities for guided play. Our activities are informed by leading trajectories and standards. ✨


  • Is Kontu safe for my child?

Kontu is made from sustainably-sourced wood from plantation-grown rubber trees. Our factory has never received reports of children having a reaction to rubberwood, which is commonly used for toys by many companies. The rubberwood has been kiln dried and all sap removed. After sanding, the parts are coated with a sealer and then a layer of water-based Aqualac, both coatings are non-toxic and rated safe both in the U.S. and EU.


  • Is Kontu safe for someone with a latex allergy?

Yes! The rubber wood used to create Kontu has to go through many processes all of which remove latex residues. Kiln drying dries the wood to the core, eliminating all traces of humidity which neutralizes any remaining latex residue. The parts are then sanded, cleaned, primed and varnished. Varnishing is the last step of the finishing process which creates an additional protective layer onto the wood surface.


  • What is Kontu made of?

Kontu blocks are made of sustainably sourced rubberwood. Rubber trees grown on plantations in Thailand are harvested only once they stop producing sap and new trees are planted to replace them.


  • Does Kontu ship to my country?

We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada. We are adding stockists in other countries and will update this page soon.