We're Kontu (pronounced kahn’–too), a new eco-friendly toy company based in Boulder, Colorado. In August 2019, we launched our first product, STEM Blocks, a magnetic wooden resource for playfully engaging young children in mathematics and STEM.

Today, STEM Blocks are distributed world-wide in eight countries and have won the coveted Parents' Choice Gold Award for 2020 and is a STEM.org Authenticated™ Educational Product. We are very excited to connect with you at ASTRA Winter Camp! Read more about our story, product and specials below.

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Monday, February 22 • 12:40 – 12:55 pm CST


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Hi, I'm Patrick Greenwood, founder of Kontu and inventor of STEM Blocks. I was inspired to create our product after becoming a father and not finding an early-math resource for my daughter that also aligned with our care for the planet. I'm so glad I did! Today, families all over the world are big fans of our product.

We are a family-run business and very grateful to have been so warmly welcomed into the ASTRA community. As a proud member of ASTRA, we look forward to partnering with ASTRA Retailers and are 100% committed to YOUR success.


As an independent toy retailer, I am always on the hunt for the next new fantastic toy -- and Kontu Magnetic STEM Blocks are my latest find! These blocks fit the very definition of an open-ended toy with high play value; they are also beautiful, tactile and in packaging that helps to tell their story. But even better than the blocks is the active and involved inventor behind their creation: Patrick Greenwood. Patrick is a toy retailer's dream: from helping me learn the toy & how best to sell it to providing retailer support in the ways that work best for my store (from curated social media posts and engaging videos to joining me on a FB live event with my customers which made them feel like toy insiders!!). As independent toy retailers, we want our customers to know us as toy experts with access to the very best toys that will help kids learn and grow -- Kontu Blocks combined with Patrick's support position me as that expert.

Amy Saldanha

Founder & CEO of kiddywampus

Kontu Magnetic STEM Blocks – a great all-new concept for combining a math manipulative with a beautiful plaything! And kids can't put it down, once they start playing... and learning!

Brian Miller

President of Geppetto's

I gave Kontu Magnetic STEM Blocks to my three year old grandson. He and his mom love them! Every time they take them out they discover new ways to play and learn. They are perfect for his imaginative play at three years old and I can see them growing with his development over years to come.

Anita Demetropoulos

Toy Business Consultant


Magnetic STEM Blocks

You've NEVER seen magnetic wooden blocks like these before!

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STEM Blocks are an award-winning eco-friendly magnetic wooden resource for playfully engaging young children in mathematics and STEM.

Suitable for children ages 3 to 8 years old.

Made from sustainably-grown rubber tree wood, STEM Blocks are all-natural and good for the planet. The wood is a reclaimed waste resource milled from rubber trees that have stopped producing latex. New trees are immediately planted in their place!

STEM Blocks, along with the accompanying number and activity cards, promote critical-thinking and discovery. Designed for tots as young as three, these playful blocks invite youngsters to explore magnetism, early mathematics, weight & counterbalance, joints & hinges, and construction. Activity cards nudge children to explore concepts through play. It’s the perfect toy to jumpstart their road to math positivity!

All kits include 8 two-sided activity cards, 18 number cards, and a wooden card stand.

Play Demo

Three Kit Sizes

Super Mega Awesome!


$99.99 MAP

Let's Go Bigger


$69.99 MAP

Hello Kontu


$49.99 MAP

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