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Breaking News!

STEM Blocks has won the highly respected Parents' Choice Gold Award! 🏅 Thank you so much to everyone at Parents' Choice Foundation and all of their reviewers and tester families for awarding us the Parents' Choice Awards Gold Award. We are beyond elated to have been selected and are so very grateful. 🙏⁠

You can read more about their review of STEM Blocks on their website.

The STEM Blocks Story

STEM in Hand! ⚙️

Kontu® STEM Blocks allow children to concretely explore STEM learning such as early math using their hands.


STEM Blocks only get better the more blocks you have! We offer three different sets. Buy a set now and expand later.


What is STEM thinking you ask? It is a combination of skills that includes observing, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and resilience to failure.

AGES 👧🏾 to 👵🏾

STEM Blocks appeal to kids of many ages and stages of development. Grandparents love them too!

Video Review

Watch Bonnie from Dwelling Logs give an informative video review of STEM Blocks.

What Customers Say...

Vivien - Engineer & Mother of 2

One of the most important things on our parenting journey is to nurture our children’s love of learning. I tested the Kontu math sets with our 3.5 year old and it was fascinating how he interacted with it. Kontu has so many different ways to play and it is an excellent fit for our family’s love of math.

Vivien - Engineer & Mother of 2

Betsy - Educator & Mother

Within minutes of opening our kontu package, my 3 year old was making more numeracy connections than I could have imagined. As an Educator responsible for many administrative programs working with ages 2.5 to 15, I have yet to see such an immediate response to Maths literacy.

Betsy - Educator & Mother

Sarahlynn M Etta, M.Ed., Montessori Educator

Kontu fits so seamlessly into the Montessori environment, I was surprised to learn the founder had no Montessori background! The structure and function of the trays and bits align well with the educational principles and philosophy, while the wooden construction fits with the focus on natural materials in the classroom.

Sarahlynn M Etta, M.Ed., Montessori Educator

innovative & totally unique

Building Blocks ✨ Reimagined

Kontu® STEM Blocks is a system of patent-pending modular, magnetic wooden blocks designed to encourage STEM thinking (science, technology, engineering, and math) in early childhood. Preschool-aged children have an innate ability and desire to learn math. By cementing positive early math knowledge in their minds by age five, children build a positive disposition towards mathematics that will help them attain their full academic potential later in life. Children learn through play!

• Made from wood, not plastic!
• Multi-sensory
• Designed to last for generations
• Screen-free
• Safe & sustainable materials
• Encourages imaginative & open-ended play

Supports Child Development

Playful STEM Exploration

Explore magnetism, early mathematics, weight & counterbalance, joints & hinges, construction, and other STEM concepts.

Wood, not Plastic!

Made from natural wood and not petrochemical plastics.

Sustainably Sourced

Rubber trees grown on plantations are harvested once they stop producing latex sap and new trees are planted to replace them.

Constructive Play

The blocks are great for building simple structures. Kontu plays well with others including both magnetic and non-magnetic blocks.

Grows with Your Child

As your child grows, you can introduce new learnings appropriate for their development. And of course, you can always add more blocks!

Spatial Reasoning

Your child will develop spatial reasoning while building both orthogonal and organic structures.